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The Witness Projects

Own your creativity on the web, make your intellectual property and content exclusive while decentralizing your usual content-sharing and social media platforms over the blockchain.

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The Witness projects, uses the witness capabilities of the blockchain to create programs that make decentralization possible on our usual platforms, opening an era where you could subscribe like share and vote on and for your favorite creators while still using the DeFi Power that cryptocurrencies has to offer. This is where blockchain technologies really shine and utilizing the full capabilities of this innovative technology. .

Project 1 Of The Witness Projects: YouOwn
A free of supervision media sharing platform where any user can share a video, movie or any content they would like to upload to the internet while having full control of demonetization, censorship, sharing and selling their work over the blockchain. Giving birth to a Decentralized Platform that is controlled only by community members and its users Utilizing the DeFi Capabilities that cryptocurrencies has to offer. The Strength of the platform is directly correlated to the content Creators, they get their ad revenue directly from the Advertiser as a reward while the platform retains a small percentage of the ad revenue, increasing it around 50% while owning their content in a token aspect giving undeniable proof of ownership.
Some Bullet Points

Decentralized Finance Aspect of the project.

On YouOwn, you will be able to use our token for buying advertisements, making it simpler for advertisers to pay and control spending on their campaigns. The content creators will get tokens as rewards directly from the advertisers from the rewards pool distributed amongst them depending on watch time and other factors, they will be able to sell their content for someone else to get the ad revenue, rent it for a price or a share of the ad revenue for someone else to use their videos and publish it and even stake their content and get loans using their video as collateral and paying it back directly from the ad revenue of the video, the loan volume depends on the revenue they get from this content that they monetized.


User Focused paltform.

The users are a part that cannot be ignored, and should be the ones taking decision in what matters the most. In the case of a copy right claim, users can choose if it is a legitimate issue or if it’s a fraud action, they would get rewarded with tokens. They would choose to leave an offensive video or picture for example and give the reward specific for that content to a charity that specializes in that matter. The users would report a user that is fraudulent and a voting would determine if he stays on the platform. while these users should have been active on the platform for a period, that would limit fake users to an extent. Fake users would be flagged by other users depending on their activity and would not be able to participate in the voting. Some users would be selected on a monthly basis by the platform randomly to get the “Superusers” privileges, their vote would count more than normal ones and would get a higher reward because they have more responsibility and would be audited by normal users to leave them or change them for someone else. This is a briefing of the responsibility of the users.

Our Last Note
Everything will be on the blockchain one day, and all payments will go threw blockchain. Be one of the few that gets in early and make yourself a part of this project based and only based on users and their creators, this is a one-time opportunity that will make us really the owners of what we share on the internet.
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